The value of storytelling in marketing

Storytelling might not be a skill readily associated with marketing or with growing a business.

Considering the value storytelling brings to marketing and businesses, it’s surprising how many businesses lack a clearly communicated story. The ability to tell a good story can make or break how successful a business is. It can help your business stand out from the crowd and separate the excellent from the ordinary.

The perception of the doubtful, or even the sceptical, may change with the evidence.

Storytelling can help your business:

  • Inspire greater loyalty in customers
  • Outperform competitors 12 fold on company value
  • Have a profit performance ratio up to 750 times higher than other companies
  • Increase its perceived value and profitability

Yes, it may be a 'soft' or 'fluffy' skill that lacks the tangibility of many digital marketing disciplines but it does have incredible value.

Click here to read the full story on how storytelling can add value to your marketing and your business.

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