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B2B marketing agencyLooking for help with your B2B marketing?

Would you like to work with a B2B marketing agency that:

  • Understands that any marketing activity must support your company's aims and objectives
  • Focuses on the buyer and helps you put successful, buyer-driven marketing strategies in place
  • Has it's fingers on the pulse of the changes in B2B buyer behaviour
  • Has been helping brands grow since 1994

Whether it's a specific project, your marketing strategy or a fully integrated marketing communications programme we can help.

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B2B marketing strategy

B2B buyers are changing, but is your B2B marketing strategy?

Traditionally, most B2B businesses have operated based on internal processes and goals. Marketing campaigns tend to be driven by product launch dates or industry-scheduled events. The way marketing teams are organised is often determined by internal programs, processes and functions. This introspective approach doesn’t take into account the buyer, their buying process(es) or their timelines.

B2B businesses need to focus on the buyer and put buyer-driven marketing strategies in place. What's more these strategies need to reflect the new generation of 'digital natives' rising up the ranks into senior buying positions.


Traditional B2B marketing, and B2B buyer-seller relationships, have totally changed.

B2B buyers have become digital-first. The first wave of 'digital natives', who have always used cloud-based services and collaboration tools, are already becoming established in senior buying roles. Their professional experience doesn't pre-date search, e-commerce and professional communities and tools like LinkedIn.

The use of smartphones, social media, and other ‘digital’ advancements have blended into all our business lives, but this is especially the case for the new generation of B2B buyers. Recent research by Salesforce identfied that 80% of B2B buyers want a B2C experience. B2C marketing trends are influencing B2B. They are still different audiences, but consumers’ expectations of companies are very similar for both B2B and B2C buyers.

To be really successful, businesses need to appeal to this new generation of B2B buyers.

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