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The value of content marketingWe help you overcome the challenges of content marketing so that you can enjoy all the benefits it brings.

When it come to content marketing, content production is the biggest challenge for 44% of marketers.

It isn't just a lack of time, not having the resource to produce enough content or being able to produce the kind of content that engages. Businesses and marketers also face the challenges of how to repurpose existing content, how they can create more visual content and how to tell better stories to connect with their audience.

Content marketing challenges don't end there. Once your content has been created, to be really effective, it needs to get in front of the right people, at scale. To win new customers, you need to reach out to new audiences.

Why miss out on the value of creating and sharing quality content when you don't have to?

If you'd like to find out more about how you can overcome the challenges of content marketing, please get in touch.

Content marketing results

Content marketing resultsGetting the best results from content marketing

One of the 3 top content marketing challenges for B2B marketers, according to a recent CMI survey, is producing the kind of content that engages.

For content marketing to be successful any content must be created with the needs, wants and motivations of the target audience in mind. Content that is seen as being valuable by your target audience will win them over, especially if it offers something new, different or an interesting perspective.

This is behind our thinking and has helped us create content to good effect.

Professional services company:
As a result of our content marketing programme this professional services company saw significant year-on-year improvements:

  • Over 92% increase in website traffic
  • 30% increase in time spent on their website
  • 75% increase in LinkedIn profile views for their Key Person of Influence
  • 88% increase in followers of their LinkedIn Company Page

B2B service provider:
Landing pages created for a specific campaign achieved SERP page one position for the key search terms for the duration of the campaign and for a significant period afterwards.

Engineering organisation:
Creating a free eBook for recipients to download doubled email response rates for their email marketing activity (when measured against the initial test) achieving a click through to broadcast rate of over 2% (significantly better than the average for the sector).

The eBook helped the email marketing campaign achieve:

  • Open rates 17% better than sector average
  • Click through rates 20% better than sector average

High end retailer:
Maintained SERP page one position for their website, for key search terms, by creating and implementing a carefully thought through content marketing programme.

To find out how we can help you get the best results from content marketing please give us a call.

Content sharing

Content marketing sharing and distributionContent sharing and distribution

Creating great content is pointless unless you share it with the right audience. There is no doubt that social media plays an important role in sharing and distributing content. However, for your content to be really effective, it needs to get right in front of the right people, at scale. If you want to get new customers, you need to reach out to new audiences.

With FMS FastTrack, our intelligent B2B data prospecting and smart marketing automation package, we can get your content in front of the right people, get results quickly and save you time, money and effort.

Share your content quickly, with the right people and generate more leads:

Data quality is often cited as being one of the biggest challenges to B2B marketing effectiveness:
Our intelligent B2B data prospecting tool automates the prospecting function bringing you highly targeted potential customers from five data sources, including customers who show buyer intent.

Companies that experience high growth are much more likely to use tracking metrics for marketing and business development efforts:
We provide everything you need to prospect, market and close sales and can track and optimise your full buyer journey from first click to close.

High growth firms tend to spend significantly more of their revenue on marketing:
Investing in your marketing pays dividends and you can do it without having to add to your head count.

+ Save time and effort by finding your best prospects quickly and easily with intelligent data prospecting
+ Have a steady flow of high quality leads to fill your sales funnel
+ Have the resources to create and implement a well thought through business development strategy
+ All with just one point of contact

Please get in touch to find out how we can help you with content sharing and distribution.

Content creation

Content marketing - creating the right content

Creating and sharing quality content regularly can be difficult.

The top three challenges that most often get in the way of content marketing success are:

  • a lack of time
  • producing enough content
  • creating content that engages

If you're experiencing any of these issues, and they're getting in the way of your content marketing success, we can help.

Content marketing - landing pages

Landing pages

Getting that 'last click', the one that converts interest into action, is critical to most digital marketing campaigns.

That's why landing pages have be come increasingly important. These standalone web pages are designed with a single focus in mind - to help 'last click' performance and improve conversion rates.

Much of the best practice and advice on landing pages is centred on ‘practical’ issues such as landing page content, design and layout.

Observing best practice in terms of layout, design and content is crucial to landing page (and campaign!) success. However, the psychology of marketing - how we behave, think and feel when we see a piece of communication - can often get overlooked when creating landing pages. For a landing page to be really successful it needs to be put together with both the practical and 'emotional' / 'psychological' elements firmly in mind.

Click the link below to see some examples of landing pages we've created:

Content marketing examples - Landing Pages

Top tips for creating successful landing pages - click here to get our free eBook

Content marketing - eBooks


eBooks are good for sharing content online in a consistent and easy to use format. Less 'weighty' and serious than a whitepaper for instance, they work best for bigger topics using 'easy to digest' content that helps solve a problem or shows readers how to do something. Embedded links and video, combined with relevant colourful images, help make the content interactive and engaging.

eBooks, versus longer content forms such as whitepapers, are:

  • relatively simple to create (good when time is at a premium)
  • highly shareable via social media, blog posts, email or your website
  • good for interactive content - as links, videos and Calls To Action can be included

Click the link below to see some examples of eBooks we've created:

Content marketing examples - eBooks

Content marketing - brochuresBrochures

In the digital age the term 'brochure' may seem 'old fashioned', but whether used online or offline, brochures are a good way of sharing more detailed information with target audiences.

Well put together brochures, that make good use of interactive features such as 'jump to' menus, help improve the overall user experience and can give a competitive edge, especially where competitors may rely only on the content of their websites to share information.

Click the link below to see some examples of brochures that we've created:

Content marketing examples - Brochures

If you'd like to find out more about out how we can help you with content creation please get in touch.


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