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In an increasingly complex world how do you put together a lead generation strategy that works for your business?

Successful lead generation strategies need to take into account the key differences between business-to-business marketing and consumer marketing. Typically, business-to-business marketing:

  • Has a longer decision-making process
  • Has a greater number of stakeholders / interested parties
  • Involves longer term relationships
  • Has a smaller pool of leads
  • Requires deeper technical knowledge

Consequently, to be successful, business-to-business marketing strategies are likely to need more ‘up front’ investment and take a multi-channel approach (to engage with customers at different stages of the decision making process). They will also need to demonstrate how a business, product or service adds value to people’s lives, show how it is different to others and talk to people interested in what it has to offer with messages that they can really relate to.

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