What do celebrity mean tweets say about the power of social media?

Since the inception of social media; with Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006 respectively, the world as we knew it was forever changed. We, the public, are now digitally linked to most of the world's biggest companies and people. They are now just a touch screen away, giving us the ability to @ directly with everyone and anyone we choose. To think that whatever we type will likely be read by the celebrity we're sending it to is enough to turn some people into online stalkers or at least; spammers. The power of social media is awe inspiring and possibly too much for some of us to handle. Many seem to forget...with great power comes great responsibility.
I'd like to believe, probably mistakenly, that most people have enough sense to realize that being obnoxious with (the people who run accounts for) Her Majesty or the President of the United States could have consequences in the form of a visit from S.I.S. or Homeland Security. Unfortunately, many have no second thoughts when it comes to mean tweeting a celebrity. In fact celebrities receive so many thoughtless, and downright ignorant, comments on Twitter, that Jimmy Kimmel has made "Celebrity Mean Tweets" a regular bit on his late night show with 8 segments thus far, plus specialty installments, with no end in sight.
The argument that they signed on for the abuse when they became a celebrity doesn't fly with me...sorry. That's just a lame excuse for every smart ass with a smart phone to prove that they have no manners or class. It's one thing to voice a valid complaint to a company's social media page or complain that you wasted your money on a crappy movie, but it's something else entirely (sociopathic?) to tell Ashton Kutcher to get hit by a bus.
Fortunately, many celebs are able to laugh it off, one of the many "human" characteristics they possess, and understand that it's probably the highlight of your life to have your tweet read, by them, on television. It's a little sad, at least to me, that grown adults can't see the difference between good attention and bad attention. It is after all, basic child psychology. Like I said; there is a lot of power in social media...but why not at least try to use that power for good?

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