Successful marketing made simple

Successful marketing made simple.

Today businesses are faced with what seems like a bewildering range of marketing options. A simple approach to marketing, focused on three main principles, can cut through the ‘clutter’ to deliver successful marketing strategies.

Temptation and ‘distractions’ are on hand everywhere. Emerging technologies, the latest innovations in digital marketing, the ever increasing range of free online marketing tools and easy, free access to social media all offer promise of being the next ‘holy grail’. Consumer behaviour has changed and continues to evolve. People actively seek out information and are arguably becoming more ‘immune’ to the thousands of marketing interruptions they get every day.

As a result, tapping into the marketing that’s right for a business, product or service can often seem difficult. The readily available, often free, ‘off the shelf’ marketing solutions do little to help simplify things - it is incredibly easy to get sucked into the ‘next big thing’ without thinking. However, with the right approach, marketing can be a beautifully simple means of making an organisation, product or service successful, or more successful.

Focusing on three key marketing processes helps ensure that any marketing effort will pay dividends:

1. Identifying, anticipating and satisfying the needs of your customers profitably.
Focus on how what you do/what you’re doing adds value to customers’ lives. Marketing is an ‘attitude of mind’. Successful businesses focus on how they add value at every customer touch point from a customer’s initial research stage right through to after sales service. Whatever you do (including the marketing choices you make), all your efforts should be centred on identifying, anticipating and satisfying the needs of your customers profitably.

2. Establishing how what you offer, what you do, or how you do it stands out from the crowd.
Define what’s unique about you/what you do and communicate it in one simple, easy to understand phrase. Generally, consumers have plenty of choice. You need to give customers a clear reason as to why they should choose your business, product or service over others.

3. Reaching out to and engaging with the right people, with the right message at the right time.
Determine the best way to talk with people who are/who might be interested in what you have to offer. The promise of large audiences should never eclipse relevancy. Seek out and engage with those people or organisations most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Make time to understand the behaviour of existing, and potential new customers. Get to know their needs, wants and motivations as much as you possibly can. Use this understanding to attract their attention with messages that will interest them and engage with them at a time they’re most likely to consider using your product or service.

To find out more download our simple infographic on beautifully simple marketing or contact us.

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