Marketing led social media


Marketing led social media

Consumer behaviour has changed. Marketing led social media has a vital role to play in successful marketing strategies.

Online research has now become a crucial part of the buying process. Consumers seek out the best, impartial advice to help them make informed decisions.

Brands have to earn their customers attention, not just pay for it. Traditional ‘outbound marketing’, such as TV advertising, radio, posters, offline and online advertising, is becoming less effective. We’re all becoming more ‘immune’ to the thousands of marketing interruptions we get each day. How many of us skip TV ads, have decided not to open a piece of direct mail, deleted an email without reading it or actively avoided websites with ‘intrusive’ advertising?

The emphasis has switched. Consumers actively search for content that they like, that interests them, or that they find useful. Liking or following the brands or people we are interested in on social media, and bookmarking the pages or sites we like on the internet, has become second nature to us.

That’s why creating engaging, useful content that earns consumers’ interest has now become so important. It helps brands ‘get found’ and has become an increasingly powerful tool in generating leads and building profitable relationships with prospects and customers.

This shapes our approach to social media. We create and implement social media strategies that are directed at, and are specifically designed to engage with, your target audience.

Social media strategy

1. Identify your target audience
Who do you want to reach? Why do you want to reach them?

2. Determine the best social media channels to reach your target audience
What social media channels are your target audience most likely to use? Which of them will be the most effective in reaching your target audience?

3. Develop a social media 'message framework'
What messages are you trying to get across? What's the best way to convey them to your target audience?

4. Create engaging content
Creating good quality, relevant and engaging content will earn the interest of your followers/likers and promote the messages that you want to get across. Get the right balance of content - mix ‘corporate messages’ with other messages of interest to the target audience.

5. Adopt a marketing led approach to developing a social media following
Use research to seek out and recruit relevant followers/likers.

6. Monitor and evaluate
Use social media statistics to continually refine and improve your social media strategy.

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