Marketing Heroes of Kent – Cook Trading deliver added consumer value

The third in a series of blogs on the ‘Marketing Heroes of Kent.’

The most sophisticated and convincing brands set the bar exceedingly high, yet take the challenge in their stride and succeed with diligence and consistency. Cook Trading is a pertinent example of a Kentish brand that accomplishes this, realising its compassionate values and enrichening their customer’s experience as a result.  Offering a premium frozen meal delivery service, Cook excel by vowing to offer a remarkable food experience while operating with the outlook that business can be a force for good.

A testament to Cook Trading’s altruistic attitude to business is their certification as a B Corporation.  Having previously been likened to the business equivalent of Fair Trade for coffee, a ‘B Corp’ is merited for sustained social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Significantly, this respectable operating mentality is underpinned by a company culture that seeks to empower their workforce with all-encompassing training.  These development opportunities extend to gifting staff five paid days a year to volunteer for good causes. All these factors culminate in ensuring that Cook Trading go beyond fulfilling their corporate-social responsibility, and in doing so, add value to the relationship with their customers.

Unsurprisingly, the frozen ready meal retailer works to make an impact on their local communities. In line with their mission to bring people closer together, Cook Trading offers a 30% Community Discount to charities and clubs. Cake sale fundraisers and local sports clubs have also benefitted from the menu planning advice available from Cook’s chefs, ensuring the events run smoothly. Together with the New Parents discount, Cook demonstrate an understanding of their target market’s core requirements. By compromising revenue, they are able to increase the accessibility of their service and continue to satisfy the needs of their customer’s profitably.

Cook Trading exhibit the value that can be derived from developing a kind-hearted brand over a long period of time. We believe that marketing is an ‘attitude of mind’  and that every customer touch point is an opportunity to add value to their experience. From the quality of their products to the ethical standards they maintain, Cook sets their benchmark high to thrive in a very competitive market. Unwilling to compete with commercially-minded suppliers, these frozen meals are unavailable in the ‘big six’ supermarkets. While reportedly an arduous journey, Cook Trading has established itself with 84 shops across the country, seemingly concocting a recipe for a loyal customer base along with way. 

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