Marketing Heroes of Kent – All eyes on Childrensalon as they upscale a customer-friendly foundation to flourish online

The second in a series of blogs on the ‘Marketing Heroes of Kent.’

An increasing number of marketing interruptions stand between businesses’ communication strategies and the consumer’s ability to absorb information. As a result, conveying a meaningful identity is more difficult than ever. For that reason, Childrensalon must be saluted for succinctly defining their customer-centric philosophy from their inception, and then proceeding to set the service benchmark during a period of impressive overseas growth made possible with online nous.

Established in 1952 in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Childrensalon is a family owned fashion retailer. By concentrating on the youth fashion market, Childrensalon ensure that expertise is appropriated from their rich heritage. While resisting the temptation to tackle adult fashion marketplace must have been difficult, it has proven to be shrewd business as the brand is consolidated and stronger for it.

A similarly focussed approach is adopted for customer service, which plays an integral role in Childrensalon’s selective recruitment process and has grown to become embedded into the company’s ethos. A glance at their history highlights their long-lasting emphasis on service implemented by founder Sybil Harriman. Fast-forward two generations later, June’s KEiBA 2016 award for Customer Service and Commitment is just one example of chief executive Michele Harriman-Smith honouring her grandmother’s legacy.

We believe establishing your business’ purpose and clearly communicating what you offer is the first step in getting the most out of your marketing. Childrensalon embrace their independent status and use their track record of customer service to distinguish themselves from their competitors. It sounds simple, but these brand values resonate with customers and inspire loyalty. Childrensalon’s simple unique selling point served as a strong foundation to take their business online, where their sales have seen exponential growth.

Childrensalon have continued to enhance their reputation for excellent service through their website where their live chat service is open 15 hours a day for immediate attention. Alternatively, they have innovated the way they communicate with customers by operating a Whatsapp messaging service. This allows buyers to use their mobile phone to instantly share images with employees and solve issues in a convenient way for the customer. These enhanced online communication platforms open a dialogue to respond to enquiries or squash complaints, enabling damage limitation. With 5* reviews spanning the U.S. to the U.A.E., Childrensalon’s customer feedback page paints the picture of a thriving global business built on exceptional service.

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