Hi, I'm Rob Lowe!

"Hi, I'm Rob Lowe."...is the opening sentence in a series of new advertisements for DIRECTV service. It may sound friendly enough, and it is, up until we are introduced to Rob's alter egos; either painfully awkward, super creepy, or far less attractive versions of himself. The message that comes across, at least the way I took it is; if you subscribe to a cable service instead of using DIRECTV, you are a lesser version of yourself.

Is this really the best way to sell this or anything? To make consumers feel like we are not worthy if we do not use their particular product or service? I find it hard to believe that these tactics are actually necessary and a bit offensive that advertisers feel the need to insult, unintended or not, their potential customers. Personally, I liked it better when the brains behind their ads gave us a series of worst case scenarios in their commercials. These were a set of ads that we were able to laugh at...without being belittled.

I guess if you consider the fact that I remember the commercials at all, for whatever reason, then the ad did what it was supposed to. Though I do feel obligated to mention; that up until I actually started writing this...I thought the ads were for a completely different company. So then...maybe it didn't? Regardless, they do have people talking, but is this really the conversation the company wants us to have? Probably not and maybe I am the only one having it. Maybe I am the only one who paid any attention to the undertones in the first place.

Luckily for my own self esteem, I could not care less what this or any company's opinion of how I choose to spend my money is. For the record; I am a cable subscriber and that is, at least in part, due the simple fact that DIRECTV is not available in my rural area. Perhaps the advertisers should consider that before insinuating that those who do not subscribe to their service are creepy, less attractive and awkward. Besides, nothing is really as creepy as the previous string of commercials DIRECTV gave us.

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