Going viral

There used to be a time that viral referred to a type of infection. These days, viral has taken on an entirely new meaning. Now when someone talks about going viral, there’s a good chance that they are referencing internet notoriety and there’s no denying the phenomenon that is showing up everywhere. Whether you create memes, vines, cute or grumpy cat videos, the right one can launch you into internet stardom,  and in some cases a lucrative and possibly permanent career.  All you need to get started is a computer, a camera, an internet connection and a little talent (In some cases very little) and you too could become an internet entrepreneur. The two biggest names that come to mind when discussing this topic are Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber, both of whom rose to super stardom after posting videos on the internet. Justin did it by singing and playing the guitar and Kim…well let’s just say she played a different kind of instrument, but both are now household names like it or not, who have made millions with the careers that followed. Bieber and Kardashian are the extreme examples of this new route to success, but there are countless others who are making a pretty nice living with nothing more than their iPhones.

There is no exact recipe when it comes to viral success. Some people use what they know to create helpful DIY videos and pages; some just do what they love; like singing, dancing, pranking their friends or scaring their Grandmas and others just do the dumbest thing that pops into their heads and share it with the world. Please note that none of these examples require that your singing, stunt or helpful post be successful…failing epically also has the potential to rack up more views than actually succeeding at whatever you were trying to do in the first place! Apparently, sometimes all you have to do; is be a show stealing little kid interviewed by your local news and you can wind up on Ellen DeGeneres. The UK show "Virtually Famous" has created a series that revolves around the world of viral videos and I am sure that the US will soon follow suit, since we seem to poach any successful premise and produce an American version. Case and point…American Idol. So whether you lip sync Taylor Swift songs or do bad lip readings of popular television shows, have your wisdom teeth removed or pop a giant zit, keep it up! You never know, you just may scare, shred, or shake your way to millions of views…and the bank, which makes it more than worth the occasional punch in the face.

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